Most hospital leaders appreciate the difficulty in recruiting and retaining talented individuals to lead their cardiovascular programs. What is surprising is how many key positions in this specialty remain vacant for months, or even years, as hospitals attempt to find that perfect match!

When Corazon asks our clientele why such a valuable service has been leaderless for so long, the answers vary. The most common responses include: a lack of qualified applicants, the value of the service has not been widely recognized within the institution, and the reassignment (and increased number) of duties for talented individuals already working at the organization. These responses are slightly unsettling because heart and vascular services can represent up to 40% of a hospital’s total revenue. Furthermore, the cardiovascular service line typically experiences the highest volume of patients seeking healthcare for urgent reasons when compared to other hospital specialties. Can your facility afford to have a clinical service – especially one as critical as heart and vascular – remain ‘leaderless’ for any period of time? Definitely not!

If you work for a hospital currently lacking leadership in key cardiac and/or vascular areas, ask yourself the following:

  • Are we taking a reactive (versus proactive) approach to ensuring that this crucial program is remaining financially and operationally viable and also sustaining growth?
  • Have we lacked leadership in this area for longer than three months?
  • Are the “front line” workers within this service expressing dissatisfaction to senior management?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, one solution may be using an interim manager to guide your program until PERMANENT leadership can be found. Effective leadership, particularly within the cardiovascular service line, is critical to program growth and success; but, any gap in management can cause a loss of direction, leading to slowed momentum and growth, decreased morale, and/or increased costs.

Over the past several years, Corazon has had several clients request that our consulting team assume responsibilities and time commitments that extended beyond the traditional boundaries of a consulting engagement. Corazon has fulfilled these special requests by placing people in interim positions, including CV service line administrators, unit/department directors, mentors for management, as well as on-site project managers. The positive responses we have received from these initial engagements and several direct requests have led to the birth of our newest division – Corazon Management Resources.

Corazon’s Management Resources division was formally announced to the public this past November and the number of interested hospitals and qualified interim candidates continues to grow. Due to our vast experience within cardiovascular consulting and recruitment, our team is able to identify the best leaders to “bridge the gap” until a permanent leader can be found. The evolution of this new division has been a natural fit for the Corazon team because the Recruitment and Management Resources divisions have the same goal for our clients – finding the right leadership to ensure the best performance for the hospital.

With a blend of consulting and recruitment expertise, Corazon creates a unique management resource experience using a proven approach to both strategic planning and operations management so your program won’t miss a beat – important strategic initiatives and operational tasks can continue forward with the interim leader providing stability and mentorship. During the interim engagement, Corazon can also be working to recruit a permanent hire to lead the heart and vascular service line.

Corazon Management Resources provides interim and mentorship support for these key positions within the heart and vascular specialty:

  • Heart and Vascular Service Line Administrators
  • Cath Lab / Cardiology / CVOR / Cardiac Inpatient Nursing Directors
  • Educators / Clinical Nurse Specialists

Positions within cardiovascular services offer great opportunity for career growth and development, especially since programs across the country are expanding, technology and practices are advancing, and there is a shortage of qualified candidates to fill these emerging roles. No program can thrive long without a permanent, dedicated leader, but, industry trends reveal that an interim expert can position a program for success while searching for that ‘perfect fit.’