Hanley Foundation, a statewide leader in substance use disorder prevention, education, and advocacy for access to quality treatment, recently announced several venue changes for Project C4OPE, a program designed to connect families who share the experience of a loved one who has died of opioid overdose, survived an overdose, or are at high risk for overdose. Palm Beach County sees an opioid overdose death nearly every day and recorded more than 5,000 total opioid overdoses in 2016.
Families in the opioid crisis from across Palm Beach County are invited to connect at four locations on Thursdays from 6:30-8 p.m.:
1st Thursday of each month – Oceanview United Methodist Church, 701 Ocean Drive, Juno Beach
2nd Thursday of each month – St. Michael Lutheran Church, 1925 Birkdale Drive, Wellington
3rd Thursday of each month – The Community Center, 50 N.W. 1st Avenue, Delray Beach
4th Thursday of each month – Rebel Recovery, 1310 Old Congress Avenue, West Palm Beach
Under the direction of Hanley Foundation Director of Education Barbara Shafer, the Project C4OPE sessions offer a safe place for families to discuss overdose prevention, seek grief support, and discover education topics of interest. The program is funded through grants from Palm Beach County, the Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network and Palm Health Foundation.
“We understand that the individual who has experienced an overdose is not the only one who has endured a traumatic event,” said Jan Cairnes, CEO of Hanley Foundation. “Family members often feel judged or inadequate because they could not prevent their loved one’s overdose. It is important for the community and families to work together to obtain support following an overdose, or education on preventing a future overdose.”
As Project C4OPE forums expand, Hanley Foundation expects to begin introducing new programming focused on helping children affected by the opioid crisis, by creating a safe space where they can learn coping skills and understand they can still love an addicted parent yet simultaneously hate the disease. 
For more information about Project C4OPE, please visit www.hanleyfoundation.org/project-c4ope/ or call 561-268-2357.
About Hanley Foundation
In the early 1980s, Mary Jane and Jack Hanley retired to Palm Beach County to discover the absence of any facilities dedicated to quality substance abuse treatment. Through the couple’s visionary leadership and great support from the community, Hanley Center and the Hanley Center Foundation were established. Nearly 40 years later and now expanded throughout Florida, the community continues to recognize the stand-alone Hanley Foundation with great support for its thought leadership, grantmaking and evidence-based programming. The charitable 501(c)(3) organization provides statewide resources for substance use disorder advocacy, education and access to quality treatment. The organization’s prevention programming is available to schools, churches and community groups through grant funding provided by the Florida Department of Children and Families, office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. With your support, the Hanley Foundation is taking critical steps to change the conversation around substance use disorders.