Miami Dade College’s (MDC) Medical Campus is one of the nation’s leading producers of Associate and Baccalaureate Level Nurses and other Health Care professionals in the country and is recognized as one of the outstanding community colleges in the nation. Through its Medical Campus, the college provides a wealth of clinical and educational opportunities for students entering into the high demand fields of health care. Also important is the fact that the campus is strategically located in Miami’s largest Medical Corridor, which provides extraordinary opportunities to collaborate with over six nationally recognized hospitals as well as the University of Miami.
In looking ahead to meet the growing challenges and needs of the health care community, the Medical Campus is experiencing and will continue to experience significant growth in the number of enrolled students and in the services it provides to the community. The faculty and students at MDC’s Medical Campus also deliver a multitude of health care services to the diverse populations throughout the community. Through a variety of innovative and creative programs beyond the classroom, our faculty and students continually find ways to solve community health problems. In so doing, our programs directly benefit and improve the health of those in our community.
One of the results of this continuous growth is the increasing need for teaching, clinical, and laboratory space. Due to this growing need, the campus plans to increase not only its classroom space, but also its high tech simulation and lab facilities. As the college moves forward in the 21st century of health care, the campus intends to leverage the best use of the range of learning technologies as it continues its tradition of excellence and as a benchmark institution.
To meet this challenge, MDC’s Medical Campus recently launched an Intent to Negotiate (ITN) inviting the professional community to submit proposals for the development of 4.9 acres of space just west of the campus. The project is for a private/public partnership which will include state-of-the-art clinical training labs, simulation, and classroom facilities. These facilities will be tied into a “virtual hospital” which will also include first-class information systems allowing for admission and discharge, electronic patient documentation, medical administrations and other medical records, thus replicating a true hospital environment. The private/public partnership also includes the opportunity to add to the project commercial office and retail space plus hotel facilities. Proposals have been received, and the college is in the process of reviewing these proposals.
These are exciting times for our college and the campus. Growth and change bring new opportunities and challenges. We at Miami Dade College Medical Campus are continuously preparing and working to meet the challenges of the present and the future.