April 17, 2020 – An international team of scientists led by Dr. Camillo Ricordi was granted immediate FDA authorization for a 24-patient clinical trial to test the safety and exploratory efficacy of umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (UC-MSCs) to block the life-threatening lung
inflammation that accompanies severe cases of COVID-19. The trial will be based at the University of Miami Health System and Jackson Health System in Miami.
Together with Dr. Ricordi, engineers at Biorep designed a Stem Cell Isolator that will be used in the second wave trials which will start after proof of safety and early efficacy with current trial. Validation runs on the cell products obtained with the Stem Cell Isolator are underway prior to using them clinically.
“The Stem Cell Isolator performs mechanical tissue dissociation and gives rise to fragments of a homogeneous size (based on the cutting screen pore size and shape). In the absence of exogenous enzymes, this mechanical and automated process enables the generation of
fragments that largely preserve stem and progenitor cell niches.”
Giacomo Lanzoni, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
University of Miami, Diabetes Research Institute