By Marie Horgan

Floridians take their health seriously and expect access to the latest digital solutions to make their healthcare experiences better. Did you know that 37% of patients who changed providers last year reported that a lack of or outdated digital tools was a leading factor in their decision? And that number increases to 61% for patients under the age of 30. Healthcare providers can no longer overlook the importance of regular reviews of their digital health platform.

Now, Florida healthcare institutions can access Thrive Health’s leading platform for care management, health data interoperability, patient-reported outcome measures and evidence-based Care Journeys that prioritizes the patient experience with the latest in smart technology.

Thrive Health was founded in 2016 by a diverse group of patients, clinicians, researchers, parents, and students who came together to help patients going through complex health journeys, working to put people at the center of their care.

Thrive Health is on a mission to make healthcare work better for everyone.

Thrive is all about empowering patients in a way that makes life better for clinicians and health system operators. Having already helped over 10 million people through their healthcare journeys, we’re excited to be growing across the continent.” – David Helliwell, Co-Founder of Thrive Health

With Thrive, clinicians provide their patients with a tailored digital experience. Utilizing assessments, integrations with existing data, real-time intelligence for decision-making, and customizable support resources, Thrive aids the patient in understanding each stage of their Care Journey.

“We believe that technology as a tool can have an incredible impact on people’s health outcomes and that it is still far too difficult to bring the most basic of digital health solutions into the hands of patients. We aim to make it easier and play a humble role in enabling the amazing healthcare professionals we interact with every day to provide even more meaningful care to their patients.” – Alec McCauley, CEO

St. Paul’s Hospital and the Providence Health System in British Columbia utilize Thrive Health in multiple environments, including pre-admissions, general surgery, colorectal screening, complex pain, and perioperative quality improvement. Thrive has also been integrated to deploy care management for new and emerging treatment methods, such as with NeonMind Biosciences for their innovative intravenous ketamine (IV-Ket) treatments for mood, anxiety, and mental wellness. Thrive’s technology has also been used throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for citizen communications, resource sharing, and self-assessments by numerous governments and academic institutions.

Thrive Health has partnered with emTRUTH, a California-based company that develops patented software using blockchain technology to power seamless data interoperability and increased data security for Thrive Health’s front-end, patient-facing platform. emTRUTH’s API advances blockchain technology to address the challenge of how healthcare data is collected in siloes. They simplify the process of integrating and sharing data for care coordination and getting that data into the hands of the patient to own, understand, and manage – building a more robust view of individual health over time.

“The Thrive team focuses on delivering improved patient outcomes while reducing operational inefficiencies and re-admissions. Our platform embraces the rapidly increasing demand for hybrid-care and is also helping healthcare institutions across America make direct progress towards the Healthy People 2030 targets” – Michael Rhiness, Director of Sales.

Florida healthcare providers can learn more about deploying Thrive Health in their facilities by contacting or visiting our website at

Marie Horgan is Manager of Marketing & Communications at Thrive Health.