More than 16 years ago we ran a Publisher’s Note about our new Goldendoodle puppy Gabby. It was entitled “Veni, vidi, vici …” And that was not an exaggeration. She filled our lives with a joy and contentment we thought couldn’t be replaced. When we lost Gabby just shy of her 15th year, Carol and I were devastated. But it takes an empty nest time to heal and just in time for Thanksgiving we got the perfect cure.

Introducing Loki, a 2-year-old black and white Goldendoodle, who needed a new home, and we were more than ready to welcome him. And so far, it’s a match made in heaven (probably by Gabby). This gentle giant – all 65 lbs. of him – fits us like a glove. He’s a cuddler who seems to like nothing more than hopping into bed with us for an early night, finding our king size mattress just the right size. He loves ALL his toys — especially the squeakers, joining me on car rides and walks around the neighborhood, meeting our neighbors and his new canine friends. Yet, true to his name, he has just enough mischief and sass to keep us in line and seems destined to “run the show” much as Gabby did. A sincere thank you to Moss Creek Goldendoodles who once again filled our hearts and our home. What can I say, we’re in love and once again our Hospital News’ staff is complete.

Happy Holidays!

Charles and Carol Felix