Cannabis is a rapidly evolving space, and regulations change daily. Laws are different at the federal and state level, and new legislation is introduced almost every session that affects everyone in the cannabis arena, including growers, manufacturers, dispensaries, legal and banking entities and more. Keeping pace with growing industry demand is challenging enough, let alone maintaining professional expansion goals.

To stay on top of these rapid changes and the ever-evolving market, Cannabis News Florida is making a change this October—the newspaper will be going completely online as a way to offer our readers breaking news, the most up-to-date coverage and more interactive features.

Instead of the static flipbook you’ve been used to, our new, interactive flipbook will enable you to simply run a cursor over an ad that’s caught your attention to link to that advertiser’s website. We’ll also be providing extra digital information—including videos—at the end of some stories to offer expanded content.

We’re making these changes in response to reader input; we asked what you wanted in an online survey as well as through a survey of conference attendees, and you requested a more immediate, interactive publication for the cannabis industry—and now you have it! But even as we move to a digital platform, the quality of our stories—and how state and national news specifically affects Florida’s cannabis industry—will still be the focus of our coverage.

Readers of South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report will continue to access SFHN&HR in both print and online, and the print edition will carry a scannable QR code in every issue to link to the latest edition of Cannabis News Florida.

As we kick off this new (digital) chapter in our cannabis industry coverage, please let us know what you think of the new format and feel free to offer any suggestions to make it even better. We love to hear from our readers and advertisers, and your input will help us continue to provide you with the most timely, useful information available.

Scan the QR code above to register and don’t miss a single digital issue of Cannabis News Florida!

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