By Lois Thomson

Believing that health care should not be a one-size-fits-all, Michelle Kavall, R.N., M.S.N., who is the acting Founder and President, started Quality Health Care Concierge three years ago. Originally from New York, Kavall said, “I’ve always been an entrepreneur, and I knew that when I came to Florida I wanted to focus on health, wellness, and individualized care for people. It’s always been my mission and vision to create something that is personalized, something where we’re delivering superior attention to our clients based on their needs, not just in the health care realm, but also holistically, physically, emotionally – all different aspects of wellness.”

Michelle Kavall, R.N., M.S.N.,

This personalized care is offered by a team of approximately 15 nurses, all highly educated and qualified, who visit people in their homes, whether for a one-time visit or for ongoing care. “The clients don’t have to go anywhere! It’s a benefit leading to our customers staying away from getting exposed, while they remain in the comfort of their own home. It is a concierge service that provides consistency and comfort without any inconvenience.”

After hearing consistent requests, Quality Health Care Concierge expanded into COVID Testing, but once again, in the comfort of the individual’s home. COVID testing is now a large portion of the business, as many travelers are heading overseas. Kavall said, “We have found that a lot of people are traveling internationally, and a number of large corporations are mandating their employees be tested; but nobody wants to go to urgent care, nobody wants to stand in long lines at test centers.” In those instances, a nurse is sent to the person’s home or designated location to perform a non-invasive test. “Our team can guarantee results the same day, oftentimes within just a few hours, and we work with multiple CLIA Certified Laboratories. It’s ideal for international travel because they’re usually in a time crunch, with most people having 24 to 72 hours to get to their destination. But for others, it’s the peace of mind that a professional is able to help them without needing to leave the comfort of their home or hotel.”

Kavall said the rapid response time is part of the quality offered by the company. The response is always same-day, as the team is hyper-responsive to get folks the appointment they need. Phone lines operate 24/7, meaning customer service is always accessible via call or text messaging, so a customer who may be busy in a meeting can send a text to schedule their same-day appointment. “We’re really on top of it to make sure everybody gets what they need, and especially when they need it. We take pride in our reputation, making our process seamless and very simple.”

The coverage area includes all of Southeast Florida, and Kavall said they have even been to Florida’s Gulf Coast. She said, “Quality Health Care oftentimes has high-end clients who prefer to continue about their day without any inconvenience. They want to know that a registered nurse will be there without skipping a beat.”

Kavall is expecting business to increase in January as President Biden has mandated that all companies with more than 100 employees have everyone tested who is not vaccinated. She said Quality Health Care Concierge already has large corporate contracts where nurses are sent to corporations for weekly testing. “We get the test done very discreetly, and we make it very comfortable. Privacy and compliance are top priority.”

She added, “I take quality into consideration, that’s so important to me. I have my hands in every detail, every day, to make sure we’re producing the right kind of quality service. As you can imagine, that’s one of the reasons why I named the company Quality Health Care Concierge.”

In 2022, Kavall is expanding Quality Health Care Concierge to provide at-home IV Therapy, Mobile Phlebotomy, Remote Telemedicine, Holistic Care Support, and multiple other services to further the concierge experience.

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