June 12, 2020 – Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation, FL is the first in the state and second in the country to offer a revolutionary new treatment option for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation (AFib), the most common heart rhythm disorder.
On June 10, 2020, cardiac electrophysiologists David Kenigsberg M.D. and Ahmed Osman, M.D.successfully treated the first patient in the Florida using the recently FDA-approved HeartLight® X3 Endoscopic Ablation System. The recipient of this life-saving procedure was 71-year-old James Disbrow, from Plantation, FL. James was the ideal patient for this procedure, as he has highly symptomatic atrial fibrillation, the rapid beating of the top chambers of the heart. 
AFib is a serious condition that causes a quick, often chaotic heartbeat. Left untreated it can lead to weakness, breathlessness, fainting and a decreased quality of life. In addition, AFib patients face an increased risk of stroke, which is the fifth leading cause of death in the state of Florida. With proper treatment, patients affected by this debilitating condition can get safe symptom relief.
"The benefit of using this laser balloon compared to the preceding generation balloon, is the rapidity, speed and efficiency of it, gained by the motorized movement of laser,” explained Dr. Kenigsberg. “Also, in clinical trial, the long term freedom from AFib success rates are better with this balloon." The new system allows physicians to perform the procedure using the system’s miniaturized camera and advanced laser technology. These features allow physicians to complete procedures in a controlled manner and typically in less than two hours.
After suffering a mini-stroke in January, James finally decided to get himself checked. Only after wearing a 30-day monitor, was Dr. Kenigsberg able to find out that things weren’t right with his heart. "Dr. Kenigsberg is extremely intelligent, has done so much research and just has the best staff with him. H asked me if I wanted to get my heart back in order and that’s when he recommended doing this procedure at Westside Regional. Aside from the hospital being extremely clean, the staff at Westside Regional are professional, efficient and you can tell they truly care about their patients.” explained James.  
“We are fortunate to be able to offer our patients the greatest breakthroughs for a range of cardiac conditions,” Dr. Kenigsberg said. “We are pleased to report that our first case was a success.”  
Westside Regional Medical Center has taken the necessary steps to ensure it is a safe place for treatment, adopting extensive precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Please visit the Westside Regional Medical Center’s COVID-19 resource page for more information.
About Westside Regional Medical Center 
Westside Regional Medical Center, an award-winning 250-bed hospital, is recognized for providing a wide array of services to the residents of Broward County, South Florida and visitors from around the world. We offer 24-hour comprehensive medical, surgical and diagnostic services, including oncology, cardiology and emergency care. Westside Regional also offers the community with the latest in minimally invasive spine and colorectal surgery and is one of only nine Joint Commission certified centers in the United States for minimally invasive colorectal surgery. Not only is Westside Regional certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by the Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA), but it also received its Thrombectomy Capable Center certification from the Joint Commission. Westside Regional Medical Center is also a teaching and research facility, offering Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs in podiatry, surgery and internal medicine. For over 45 years, Westside Regional Medical Center has been committed to expanding and improving every facet of the organization, devoting significant time and resources to enhancing the facility, staff and medical care. Westside Regional Medical Center has an outstanding staff, which includes physicians, specialists and employees, all of whom place importance in making their patients feel welcome and comfortable.
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