Like everyone else, my online shopping skills (always pretty good) were truly honed during the COVID pandemic. And wasn’t the only beneficiary. I’m a pretty casual guy at the best of times, but according to Carol (our resident stylist) I’ve reached a new low.   I discovered and found 100 percent polyester black or blue golf shirts for a mere $10.99 and I’ve bought them by the dozen, over and over again. You can literally mush these shirts into a ball and presto – no wrinkles. Going on a trip – just toss them into a suitcase – no folding necessary. Trust me, Carol doesn’t even think they merit a hanger.

Although she’s all but given up getting me to “dress” for business meetings or shows, she does draw the line at me wearing them out to dinner on a “date” night. Unfortunately for me, last week I forgot and appeared on a Saturday night freshly showered and attired in my Walmart special. I know I can be pretty oblivious sometimes, but I couldn’t escape her glare when I grabbed the car keys and said, “Let’s go.” Too late to change, needless to say it was a rather tense night.

Hence the memo I received the following Monday morning:

Attention: Charles

Re: Casual Attire
A seminar on how to casual dress will be held at 4 p.m. Friday in the cafeteria (aka Felix kitchen). A fashion show will follow. Attendance is mandatory.

Love, Carol

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