By Barbara R. Fallon

A new ‘wave’ is heading to the Sunshine State which will essentially double the number of licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) license holders over the next 16 months. The Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) is currently processing the 2nd cycle of MMTC licenses, authorizing these companies to start their infrastructure buildout process to help serve the 719,366 qualified patients (active ID cards as of May 13th, 2022 OMMU webpage).

As with the current 22 Florida MMTC license holders, the new wave of companies will be required to cultivate, process, and dispense (retail) low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana. However, unlike a typical retail outlet which can simply open a store and purchase product directly from another company, the MMTC must be proficient at all product phases: grow-process-test-package before any product arrives at their own branded retail location. The term is commonly referred to as ‘vertically integrated’ or ‘seed to sale.’

To a current or new MMTC license holder, ‘seed-to-sale’ means ‘a lot of infrastructure.’ This is where SR Construction Services (SRCS) fits in as a scalable 3rd party partner of their organization. Early and consistent collaboration amongst the design & architectural team, contractor, and equipment vendors is key to avoiding costly and time-consuming design alterations during construction.

Partnering with a Florida-based, statewide, cannabis-experienced GC, familiar with all phases of large-scale indoor cultivation, processing, and retail construction, and aware of the many Department of Health (DOH) requirements is vital to ensure your infrastructure plan is successfully executed, delivering market share and return on investment (ROI).

Florida cannabis construction is unique compared to any other state. Many of the original 22 license holders have learned this truth the ‘expensive way’. Due to the diverse and intricate set of codes, Florida compliance regulations, and existing property conditions, it takes more than a tool belt to design and construct successful cannabis infrastructure in the Florida market.

Having completed over 80+ retail dispensaries, offering 60-day, fast-track turn time options on retail construction, and finishing numerous indoor and outdoor cultivation facilities, SRCS clearly understands the challenges within the medical cannabis space and emphasizes a culture of ‘communication’ and ‘transparency’ which provide synergy and balance to our client relationships, according to Ryan Seddon, Principal of SRCS.

Building Relationships

“Our most valuable asset is the talented and experienced SRCS staff who contribute – both as individuals and team members – to the ultimate goal of a job well done,” Seddon explains, “and that’s what brings our customers back.”

By the Numbers

According to the OMNU webpage, Florida has a total of 429 authorized retail dispensary locations statewide (May 13th, 2022 OMNU webpage). When you consider the active patient count makes up only 3.34% of Florida’s population & future recreational use ruling, it is obvious MMTC companies are just getting started.

SR Construction Services is a turnkey, Division 1, vertically integrated, multi-licensed Florida contractor with years of active experience in the commercial retail and industrial cannabis market. Their diverse business model is focused on industrial, hospitality, retail tenant improvement, medical, and large-scale new construction and renovations.

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